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How to set yourself up for a Happy 2019!

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How to Set Yourself Up for a Happy 2019!

2018 was an intense year for many of us and for me it required me to remain focused and clear on what I wanted. 2018 required resilience as the waves of intensity just kept coming and so during these times is when we all needed to come together to support one another through the shifts . As our wounds are exposed and the parts of ourselves that were lost had the opportunity to come home and this window of intense healing which started on 11/11/18 continues through to 11/1/2019. The spirals of energy this past year were fast as we were pushed through our healings and shifts to higher levels of consciousness.

We are completing a 7 year cycle from 2012-2019 and so the gift from all of this is that all that rose to the surface for healing, all that fell apart over the past seven years ( and particularly the past 2) has happened to enable new opportunities and a new way of being from 2019. For those who have faced many challenges in the past, a lot of the hard work has been done and so this next 7 year cycle has the potential for new opportunities, growth and expansion. For those who haven’t faced their challenges yet, expect them to come in quickly with an opportunity for the challenges and wounding to be addressed and healed to enable a new way for the new 7 year cycle. No matter where we are on our path, continuing to allow the highs and lows and developing resilience will be key to our success moving through 2019.

January is for me an important time to set new intentions and re-establish our daily rituals. Taking time to meditate gives clarity and enables our intuition and soul messages to be heard. These moments of stillness are where these insights and knowledge can come to the surface. Some of the rituals to keep our positive energy levels up are:

  • Clearing ritual with resins and charcoal in the mornings and evenings( or at least once a day
  • Foot bath with salts and oils
  • Green supplement powder
  • Daily exercise and yoga/stretch
  • Meditation ( if you can’t do a 20 minute meditation then aim for 4 or 5 ten minute meditations throughout the day)
  • Practising mindfulness
  • Gratitude diary

If there are any residual negative energies that you want cleared, take the time to cut the chords with any who you are ready to release from world and you may want to do a fire ceremony as a final release of any energies, emotions, mind programs and then set up an altar with your new intentions. Remember to use bright colours, sacred geometry, flowers, cards, and any objects or crystals that are sacred to you to support you to achieve what you want.

Here's to a fantastic year for us all ! 

Eddie xx

I am offering a monthly mentoring program in 2019 for those who want support to maintain their practices in managing their energies and developing their intuition and spiritual gifts. If you are interested in joining this program, opt-in here and I will contact you to establish if the program is right for you. This program is only for those who are commited to their healing path and wanting to take their healing and practices to the next level and it will be limited to only 10 participants.

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