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Eddie on Radio

In 2019 Eddie shares tips on Meditation & Mindfulness for World Meditation Day for ABC, Triple M and Sea FM and speaks on ABC South East about her health and healing retreats. 

Earlier radio interviews include quick tips and advice on fitness and nutrition tips for Sydney's  Vega 95.3.

Speaking on Mindfulness with Banksy and Pinky -Triple M Queensland
Speaking on Mindfulness with Nick Rheinberger on ABC Illawarra
Speaking on Mindfulness with Kier Shorey ABC Far North
Speaking on Mindfulness with Heidi and BarRat on Sea FM, Sunshine Coast

TV Host of “Stress Relief” Show

In 2016, Edwina was engaged by leading technology entrepreneur Dale Beaumont to write, produce and present a 12-part show called Stress Relief. In the series, filmed exclusively for Dale’s virtual business consulting app Bizveristy, Edwina provides techniques and skills for business owners to manage and relieve stress. To view snippets from her shows scroll down to the bottom of this page to view.

Host of Health & Happiness Radio Show

Eddie was approached by a London company in 2012 to become part of one of the first online radio shows. Eddie hosted her own Health & Happiness Show on Untangled FM for 12 months where she interviewed world leaders in all areas of health and performance. Download and listen to her shows.


Interview with Joe Cross - on the health benefits of juice fasts

Eddie discusses Joe’s personal journey and transformational health benefits from his juice fast which inspired the production of his film “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” and his “Reboot” program

Interview with Dr Ellen Langer - on Mindfulness

Eddie speaks to the Harvard Professor, Dr Langer on her approach to mindfulness and her books which discuss the results of her 30 years of research.


Interview with Dr Tim Sharp - on Happiness

Dr Sharp is the founder of the Happiness Institute and Eddie discusses his approaches to positive psychology and happiness with his clients and tips for the listeners.

Interview with Adam Blakester on Sustainable Living & overcoming the Paradigm Storm


Interview with Amanda Rosetti on spirituality & intuition

Interview with Dr. Jason Karp on Running


Interview with Colleen Dooley on Hypnotherapy

Trevor Savage on Kinesiology & Alternative Medicine


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Reduce your Nerves Before a big Presentation

Reduce Stress in 30 seconds

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Get Anger & Frustration out of your Body

How to Increase your Energy Levels

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How to Love your Life & Live in the Now

Remove the Inner Critic

Stop Taking Stress out on Others


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I recently went to one of Edwina’s talks on the mind-body connection and I was stunned how much of an impact a one hour lecture could have on me. For 7 ...