Our Connection to Nature

Tuesday, 14 June 2016 12:45

IMG 4511Ever since I was a little girl, I have always found myself needing time alone in nature. It was my place to go for rest, reflection and healing, way before I consciously started on my shamanic path.We all know how much better we feel when we go hiking in nature, swimming in the ocean, walking barefoot on the earth. Serotonin levels lift our moods as we enjoy the sunshine,  the earth suffuses our bodies with negatively charged free electrons and water is filled with minerals to help us relax, boost our immunity and balance our nervous system. There are so many shifts that occur on a physical and mental level. 

Edward O. Wilson, a Harvard University biologist, naturalist and entomologist, used the term 'biophilia" to describe his hypothesis that we have an instinctive bond with nature and the other organisms on earth because we have spent most of our evolution ove the past three million years in nature and therefore an innate love for it. Due to our dependance on nature, he hypothesised that we are linked to it physically, emotionally and cognitively.

Steven C Bourassa a professor in urban planning wrote in an article in Environment and Behaviour that in order to understand our relationship to the environment, we must understand both our cognitive and emotional interactions with it. 

I believe nature offers us a deeper understanding and remembering of our true selves. Given we are all interconnected, my experience with nature is that nature brings me back to my true self and it is when I am dis-connected from nature, I am disconnected from myself and vice-versa. Nature brings so many messages signs and signals, it is the reflection of my own world and the path back to myself, if I listen. And so I try to be conscious, to notice what is happening around me, to notice the butterfly in front of me, the grasshopper sitting on my plant and the eagles flying overhead. When I'm walking on the tarmac to onto my plane, I notice the clouds, feel the breeze and I listen more carefully for what messages the wind has for me ;and when I get back to the water, I listen to what she has to say. So I first see, hear or feel the messages nature has for me and then I interpret what the meaning is for me. 

When I travel to the desert, out to the Hugh River twice a year, I am reminded of how beautiful nature is and how connected we are. On my most recent trip with SOTEMS, we explored further our connection with nature. We walked through different landscapes and noticed what gifts each landscape had to offer us and so the specific gifts of different locations came through and the messages they held for me came through mentally and physically. I received pictures, messages, symbols and I felt the different emotions in each location and noticed the different responses of my power animal.

Art made with the gifts from the earth provided the perfect expression for my connection to nature and an even greater understanding of my own inner world and its expression into the outer. It began as each piece called me to it and so the messages began to flow through from the moment I collected the pieces I was to work with.  As I worked on the art, many tears were shed, I laughed, became frustrated  as I grieved the loss of one of my best friends, worked through the traumas of the previous year, of past lives and all that linked to the emotions as I grappled with my place in it all. And so connecting and working with these pieces of nature gifted me with so much healing as I watched myself there, processing, I observed my emotions, reactions and natural processes and ways for handling it all. 

As I look back at the various pieces I created from the stone and wood around me over those 12 days in the desert, I saw my story, my healing and the path ahead. Some of the most powerful healing, gentle, strong and transformational work I have done. The gift of sleeping in a swag in nature with nothing but the basics, there is no other distraction, no escape from myself, allowing the space for a much deeper connection, a 'rawness' which exposes all that is there to be seen, felt and known and with that comes a more embodied experience for the interconnection of all.

Whenever I have moments of losing my connection, moments where I forget who I am, I go back to nature and the earth and they remind me that I am all around and I am within so I need look no further. As I go in, I open out and allow that I am and we are.. we have just forgotten. And so I thank nature for bringing me back.

Gut Health

Friday, 01 April 2016 01:44

gut health small

Recently, there has been a lot in the media on the importance of gut health and research suggesting gut microbes may influence brain development and behaviour

Scientific America Article- "The Tantalizing Links Betwen Gut Microbes and the Brain"

And links to gut health and gut bacteria with PCOS

Medical News Article-"Changes in Gut Bacteria Strongly Associated wit PCOS-related obesity"

I was also listening to a great interview on the Total Wellness  Summit last week, when Dr Josh Axe and Jon Gabriel spoke on various aspects of gut health

Gave some interesting facts about our guts.

Did you know that?

  • There are more bacteria in our gut than cells in our body
  • 70% of our immune system is located in our gut
  • 95% of our body’s serotonin is produced in the gut and there are more nerve fibres in our gut that in our spinal chord.   ( Dr )

The Journal of American Medical Association recently published an article which stated that if you have had a course of antibiotics in a year, you double your risk of cancer ( because 70% of our immune system is located in our gut)

 Oil pulling small                                                        Saurkraut Smaller

So, the digestive tract, is crucial for detoxification, nutrient absorption and immunity. So, what can we do to help keep our gut healthy?

  • Reduce antibiotics
  • Stop drinking chlorinated water and drink water from a natural spring
  • Have bone broth ( if not vegetarian) as it contains high levels of Prolene ( amino acid that helps detoxification)
  • Oil Pulling- This is an Ayurvedic ritual that is used to kill yeasts, bad bacteria, parasite, fungi and viruses in the mouth. By killing them in the mouth, you prevent them from causing secondary infections on the gut.
  • Re-populate your gut with healthy microflora and/or add a probiotic supplement and a digestive enzyme to help break down foods.
  • Add foods high in probiotics to your diet. This includes fermented foods like Sauerkraut,  Kombucha, Kefir yoghurt.


Kombucha 1 smaller               

 I have recently been doing a Vegan Cooking Course and we were given a recipe for making Kombucha from Organic Forrest. Here is a recipe for you to make your own Kombucha. 

What is Kombucha you may ask?  It is a living health drink made by fermenting tea and sugar with the Kombucha culture. There isn’t as much research on the benefits of Kombucha as there is on fermented milk products. It has been shown to have similar antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal properties in lab tests. There is a lot of experiential evidence from people using Kombucha over many years, including improvements in energy levels, metabolic disorders, allergies, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, arthritis, skin problems and candida.

So here is the recipe for you: 


Organic Sugar

Tea bags-Green and black

Boiling Water

Kombucha S.C.O.B.Y ) + Starter Culture

1. Start with 1 Kombucha starter culture and 100ml of liquid in a jar

2. Replace the screw top lid of the jar for either muslin or cheese cloth and secure with a rubber band to allow the bubbles of gas that develop  in the fermentation process to be released and prevent contamination Otherwise, release the gas build up daily.

3. Make 400ml of tea ( 1 tea bag and 400ml of filtered water left for 10 minutes) and stir 1 heaped tablespoon of sugar. Allow to cool

4. Take a 1-2 litre jar and add your Kombucha culture with the cooled tea into the bottle.  ( or can use a beer brewing fermenter/tub if making larger amounts)

5. Leave for 8-10 days in a dark, war spot ( longer if you want depending on taste preferences). Keep out of the sun and don’t use a metallic spoon to taste.

6. When you are happy, decant it into brew bottles, leaving a few centimetres at the top of the brew bottles and leaving abut 150ml in your starter culture.

7. To make a secondary ferment, use herb tea, ( may not work as well),  dried fruit, juice or essential oils in the mix and leave another 3-5 days. 

( ref: Organic Forrest)


Happy Kombucha making!

 Eddy x

Kombucha 2 small

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