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I was stunned how much of an impact a 1 hour lecture could have...

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“I recently went to one of Edwina’s talks on the mind body connection and I was stunned how much of an impact a 1 hour lecture could have on me. For 7 years I have wanted to run a half marathon but every time the event came up I gave myself some excuse as to why I couldn’t do it. In January of this year I sat in Edwina’s talk and she asked us to think of a goal we would like to achieve. Mine was the half marathon- the techniques she used and the hypnotherapy she guided us through were incredible and I could feel during that one hour that I would achieve the goal. Over the next 4 months I had a fractured foot and bad chest infection. Everyone told me that this year was not the year to run the race and I should wait until next year, but I remembered how I felt in Edwina’s talk and it gave me the determination to start training again once my foot and chest were healed. I ran the half marathon on Sunday and was incredibly proud. I believe I could not have done it without having experienced Edwina’s talk on that day in January.”

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  • Name: Catherine Fritz-Kalish
  • Title: General Manager – Global Access Partners
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