Your Energy Evolution provides workplace solutions with tailored programs, trainings and services to assist staff gain better health, personal awareness and communication skills to build and maintain a positive culture with conscious leadership and an engaged, high performing team. Edwina also offers services and trainings in workplace mediation and negotiation.Enquire here about one of our training programs in wellness, EQ or dispute resolution

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Mindfulness and Meditation

Revitalise your Body, Mind & Soul

Mindfulness and meditation can reduce stress, boost productivity, focus and strengthen relationships. It can also assist with managing depression, anxiety, addiction recovery and relapse prevention.

Experts are advising businesses to encourage staff to practise mindfulness and meditation to reduce stress and enable greater self-awareness.

Register your interest to join me on the meditation app be-together which brings people together in real time (~ at home) to share the energy of meditation. as a part of a group creating a sense of collective energy that comes with sharing a meditation.

Communication/Conflict Resolution

The high speed of economic and technological changes means that the right business path yesterday may not work today and solving these problems smoothly and dynamically is what separates people, projects and companies that excel from those that fail. Good negotiation skills are essential for successful personal and business relationships, sales, strategy and change management


Mediation is a structured negotiation process to resolve disputes and assist both parties to identify and assess options reach agreement. This process saves time, legal fees and court costs. You don’t need a solicitor for mediation but you should get legal advice about your rights and responsibilities before attending a mediation session.

Edwina is a certified Mediator with LEADR and the Australian National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) and has completed a Graduate Certificate in Negotiation at the Australian Catholic University. She has also completed programs in Community Consultation and Negotiation for Change and Leadership.

Corporate Retreats

Revitalise your Body, Mind & Soul



1 day mindfulness & stress workshop

2 day wellness retreat program



1 day workshop




2 Day Program


Our corporate programs include one and two day workshop programs in leadership and communication or our corporate wellness retreat program for 1 or 2 days to de-stress and re-set.

About Edwina

Edwina Griffin is a health and high performance expert with over 20 years experience in health and healing specialising in the interconnection of body, mind and spirit.  Edwina’s interest in the mind-body connection began at the age of 16 when she suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, sleeping 22 hours per day for 4 months. She recovered from chronic fatigue and competed again to qualify for the World Junior Athletics Squad. Eddy is passionate about her mind-body techniques having recovered from a back injury and a period of depression and strengthened to compete in half iron man events, climb mountains and paraglide at various locations around the world.

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I recently went to one of Edwina’s talks on the mind-body connection and I was stunned how much of an impact a one hour lecture could have on me. For 7 ...